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Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is one of the best destinations for a food trip, but there are also other establishments in the place that are worth visiting including this boutique called, Uan met Sally.

I was able to check out the place with my friend Ana, the night I greeted my 30th year. The shop looks cute and we even met one of its owners, Uan, who we found to be really nice. We got there just as they were closing up for the day so I was only able to check a few things. Then I saw this blouse, it is so cute I knew I had to take it.

The front part is transparent so I had to wear an undershirt. See how cute the floral details are.

The back part has an interesting colorful patterns, giving this blouse that playful funky vibe... I so love it!

I paired the blouse with my old Jag jeans, and used orange belt, my DIY fabric-covered bracelet, and orange shoes for accessories.

I have plans to go back to When Uan met Sally, I am sure to let you know when I do.

Blouse - When Uan Met Sally (Php 480)
Jeans - Jag
Shoes - Gibi (Php 800)
Belt - What Women Want
Bracelet - DIY

(Photos by Nicalyn Agor)


Dark side of style by Shana Logic

Today I stumbledupon this site called Shana Logic.  It's an online shop that features handmade and independent designs by different artists. It is owned by Shana Victor who started her business in 2003. The site has a variety of items to choose from, unique pieces of jewelry, home decors and collectibles, gadget accessories, printed shirts, art works, cosmetics, etc.

What really picked my interest was their Dark Side of Style gallery, which showcased a collection of dark and edgy accessories like leather cuffs, skull necklaces, neckties, hair extensions, even makeup. Let me show you my favorite items from this collection:

Cement cinder block necklace ($64.00)

Bicycle chain bracelet ($25.00)

Anatomical heart necklace ($55.00)

Double heart padlock bracelet ($20.00)

Victorian clock piece earrings ($16.00)

Snake wrap double ring ($135.00)

Sassy handcuff choker ($15.00)

Sacred heart necklace ($26.00)

Aren't these pieces unique and fab?!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. It just so happened that I liked the site and I wanted to feature some of their items in my blog. For inquiries you may contact Shana at shana@shanalogic.com or visit her online shop www.shanalogic.com.


Meet the Artists

Last August 15, I attended NCCA Gallery Artist's Talk: Understanding Contemporary and Conceptual Art at NCCA Auditorium in Intramuros, Manila. I went there with my good friends, Christine and Ana. It had been raining that day and that kind of weather usually inspires me to don my dark-colored threads, but as I said in my previous post, I am now trying to fuse vibrant colors in my daily outfits. So this is what I wore that day:

As you can see it's another color blocking outfit, my pink button-down shirt and my new red pants. I am definitely loving this color blocking thing. I think it makes me look more youthful and happy.

Pink blouse - Julia (Php 279)
Red pants - (Php 289.75)
Black belt - unbranded (Php 80)
Shoes - Solemate (Php 199.50)

(Photo by Maria Ana Esternon)


Lean on me

I don't usually do color blocking; don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. It's just that my closet is not exactly a place for rainbows and butterflies. Don't worry I am already doing something about this situation. These days I turn my head away when I go shopping and see black colored pieces. I am now making an effort to add more colors to my wardrobe.

So today I'm giving you colors and on this photo shoot I even have props; a human prop that is.

Teal blouse: Julia (Php 279.00)
Yellow blazer: Redhead (Php 699.75)
Black shoes: Primadonna (Php 1, 499.95)
Black pants: thrifted

This photo shoot would not have been possible without the help of my officemates, Nicalyn and Raffy (thanks guys!).

(Photos by Nicalyn Agor)


These shoes are not made for walking

They say that "beauty is pain," but I wonder if this one is worth breaking my neck to. I just bought a pair of black pumps with 6 inches heels from Primadonna.

I love the pink heels and sole and wearing it makes me feel tall and sexy. As my friend Alchris puts it, it's the most beautiful shoes I've ever worn... I totally agree. First time I saw this style was at Primadonna's section inside Landmark Makati. They didn't have a size 6 so I had to search for another Primadonna branch through their website. The nearest I found was the one at SM Manila so I went all the way there just to get these pretties. The shoes are worth Php 1, 499.95.

This pair is the most beautiful out of all the shoes I have, unfortunately these are also the most difficult shoes to walk on; that should explain to you the title of this post. I think there is something wrong with the front part of the sole, the curve was too high, which causes me to trip. I wore it to the office the whole day and it was like hell. I had to walk real slow as I struggled to maintain my balance. It felt a lot like I was trying high heeled shoes for the first time, it was so stressful!

By the end of the day, I already had plans to sell these shoes but some of my friends advised against it. They said that I should at least give it a week, see if I could "learn" how to use it. They told me to practice wearing the shoes at home.

So that's what I'm gonna do, practice walking on it for a week, and pray that I won't end up with a sprained ankle, much worse a brace 'round my neck.


She Wolf

It is dark and lovely and I thought it'd cost me a fortune. Imagine my surprise when I asked the sales person and learned that this black long-sleeved blouse with fur and crochet details is only Php 150. I was like, what?!

I wore it to work one day and paired it with my floral skirt. To complete the drama I wore my knee high socks and black Solemate flats.

Blouse: Lycantrophy (Php 150)
Shoes: Solemate (P199.50)
Skirt: Unbranded (Php 100)

(Photos by Nicalyn Agor)

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