Style Enthusiast #2: Diwa Gapuz

In the office, there are two women I know who are quite daring when it comes to dressing. They wear unique fashion pieces, fishnet stockings, tights, and long flowy dresses. They were clothes that some people in our office define as "weird" yet they don't really give a fudge. One of those two is actually... me (hehe...), the other is a technical editor/teacher/blogger/indie music lover/bookworm/fashionista, Christine Gapuz, better known to her colleagues and friends as "Diwa". She is our style enthusiast for the love month my lovelies and to learn more about her quirky fashion style, read on...

Tell us something about yourself

I’m a 26-year-old woman of many passions. Naks! I studied B.S. Secondary Education in college and I’m taking up a master's degree in Curriculum Studies. Education is one of my major interests but I’m not what you would call a model student or a scholarly person. I've always wanted to write a literary masterpiece and I'm a frustrated poet. Sociology, politics and philosophy interest me as well, but let’s not go there haha...

Describe your personal style

Moody? I have many moods and how I dress depends on how I'm feeling when I open my closet. I go for bohemian chic, hippie, rock band groupie, and retro.

Who do you look up to or admire when it comes to fashion?

I like Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, and Zhooey Deschanel. From TV shows, I like Lucy Liu's Joan Watson in Elementary.

When did you start to develop an interest in fashion?

For fashion per se, I got interested when I started reading newspapers and happened on the Lifestyle section. I appreciated design then even if I wasn't into wearing fashionable clothes yet. I started to be conscious of personal style while I was in high school, but I wouldn't say it was good style. LOL. In college, I really started to find my personal style, choose to invest on certain clothes, and find fashion inspiration.

Tell us something about your fashion blog

My fashion blog is really a hodge-podge of content. I want it to be more of an online magazine where I feature trends, designers, inspirations, and, rarely, my looks. I don’t like being photographed so there are few OOTD posts. I want readers to find their own style by discovering different designs and inspirations on my blog. (My blog is also a semi-money-generating blog, an experiment in affiliate marketing.)

Where do you like to shop?

Most of my clothes are from local bazaars, small boutiques or online shops. I have a lot of new pieces from ROMWE. For footwear, I frequent Payless ShoeSource.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Dresses, hands-down, and long-sleeved sheer blouses.

What is your fashion signature?

My nickname is Diwata (in English, muse or fairy) so my fashion signature is a long flowy dress and bohemian accessories like woven bracelets or floral headband. I also love black and red clothes. My classmates thought I was a “goth” because they always see me wearing these two colors. At work, my statement is fishnet stockings. ;)

What is your go-to outfit?

T-shirts don’t fit me well (I look ordinary in them) so I have a go-to bustier dress that I wear when I need to go out for a date or lunch. If I need to be more laid-back, believe it or not, my go-to outfit is my “anime look”: loose grey top, short pleated skirt and knee-high socks. I rock it whatever my mood!

What is your foremost concern when shopping for an item, the brand or the price?

Price. By that I mean, is the quality worth the price? When I buy something expensive, I buy it not for the brand but for the staying quality. Can I wear it for the next three years? And if I do wear it for the next three years, how long before it gets tattered? Or, I buy a piece of clothing for a higher price because it is unique. For trendy pieces, these are usually copied by local sellers and sold cheaper than, say, Forever 21. In that case, I buy the cheaper one because I don’t plan to wear an Aztec print top for the next three years.

Do you think Filipinos in general are fashion savvy?

Filipinos are fashion savvy and are rabid fashion enthusiasts, especially the younger generation. The fashion industry is thriving and it's no wonder more and more global brands are coming here. But there’s also a tendency to join the bandwagon a little too quickly. We still need to discover what fashion statement we want to make. Japan has done it, and so has Korea. What about us?

What's your take on shopping in thrift/bargain shops?

Thrift shopping is not for everyone. This goes back to my statement about brand versus price. It’s the same in a way. Is the price low enough without sacrificing quality? Or can you get a new item at the same price? My sister used to go thrift shopping and she bought very cheap clothes in bulk. But she wore the clothes only once. Did she really save money? Personally, I go to bargain shops to find unique items. Last week, I found a lace hoodie at a bargain store.

Which fashion item do you like to splurge on?

This would come as a surprise. I splurge on swimwear. My mentality is, since my body doesn't WOW at the beach, I’ll just let my swimsuit do the wowing.

What's the first thing that catches your attention in another person's outfit?

The length of the skirt or dress? Haha... Kidding aside, what really catches my attention is how all the clothes and accessories come together. Sometimes, color does it too.

Which fashion trend you will never be caught wearing?

Neon. Some people can pull it off. I know I can’t. Also, super short shorts (a.k.a. pekpek shorts).

Any smart fashion tip you'd like to share to our readers?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion and different looks. That’s how you eventually find what your personal style is, what works for you, what expresses who you are the most. Practice mixing and matching. Until now, I surprise myself with looks I come up with using clothes I've had for two years. :) Don’t let trends get the better of you (and your money). You can be stylish without having to update your wardrobe every year. “Fashion changes, but style endures.”  That’s Coco Chanel.


So that's Diwa and I hope you loved her as much as I do. Diwa's blog site by the way is The Clothes Muse.

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